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Donald Trump's modified his stunning debate comment that he was uncertain about whether he'd accept the election's outcome.

But those in both parties are criticizing his comment as undermining the Democratic process.

Will it resonate during the election? Is he just keeping his options open?

Did Hillary Clinton evade key questions during the debate?

Trump has thrown Ohio's Republican Chairman Matt Borges under the bus. Did he have valid reasons for that? Will his campaign suffer because of it?

How will this impact Borges' possible bid to be National Republican Chairman?

Election officials are pushing back against Trump claims the election is "rigged " against him. What additional precautions are they taking to protect your vote?

Polls point to a lopsided win for Rob Portman over Ted Strickland in Ohio's Senate race.

What can Strickland do to narrow the margin during the remaining two weeks?

WKYC's Tom Beres discusses these issues with Cuyahoga County Democratic Vice Chairman and Cleveland Community Relations Director Blaine Griffin and WHK 1420 AM conservative talk show host Bob Frantz.