Traci Tigue gave her baby Brodie life.

Then 5 months later she SAVED his life by donating part of her liver.

Tigue laughs when she refers to herself as the “sliver of liver giver" in October 2015.

Today Brodie is a happy, plump little meatball rolling through, and Traci Tigue and her Brodie’s Good Vibe Tribe is paying it forward.

The story of how BGVT is rolling on is a sequel to one of the original #TheGoodStuff Classics.

Now BGVT is rolling through more lives as a growing number of Tribers pay the good vibes forward.

On Sunday, Mother’s Day, Brodie celebrated his second birthday.

"We sang happy birthday to our little man our little warrior, 2-years-old," Tigue smiles, ear to ear.

On Tuesday, Brodie’s Good Vibe Tribe rolled in, in full force, to surprise Rhanesia Ellington of Cleveland Heights, a single mother of 3 just back to work.

Ellington saved her baby, 1-year-old Sahari, the exact same way. Another “sliver of liver giver."

So BGVT paid for her rent for 3 months, and personally delivered brand new beds and bedding for everyone and a beautiful new crib for Sahari. Plus, bags after bags of gifts for the family.

“This is really a blessing. It really still is mind blowing thinking am I dreaming?" said Ellington.

Tigue says it’s simple.

"Let them celebrate life, relax a little bit, enjoy some of the good stuff, and know that they are not alone. There is lots of love and prayers and good vibes coming at them. It starts with you. You be the good," says Tigue.

2 moms who went the extra life-saving mile for “their littles," as Tigue calls them, are forever bonded now by good vibes.

And Brodie’s Good Vibe Tribe rolls on.

You can learn more about and support Brodie's Good Vibe Tribe by visiting their website: