“It kind of looks like tea, before you make the tea,” said Gary Ferguson of Miles Avenue in Perry Township.

Ferguson is among others in the West Manor neighborhood who are uncomfortable with the water quality in their homes.

“I wouldn’t want my kids drinking it, and not too sure I want my animals drinking this.”

The yellowish, at times brownish, water is a result of an increase in the amount of iron sediment, according to the Canton Water Department. That can affect the taste and odor of the water. It can also cause staining.

The problem? City water officials said it’s because there’s a significant amount of drilling mud that was dumped in the Beach Street Quarry, near the city’s Sugarcreek wellfield which is one of the city’s main sources for drinking water in Canton.

The iron isn’t from the mud, according to city officials. They said it’s from the increased pumping at the Northwest wellfield.

Officials said it may take weeks to clear up, but are assuring residents that it’s safe to use.

For now, Ferguson said he’ll continue to use filtered water until the issue is resolved.