An Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper is uninjured after a driver going the wrong way on Interstate-77 crashed into his patrol car Thursday afternoon.

According to officials, the Canton Post of the OSHP received several 911 calls about a vehicle going the wrong way on I-77 S near Fulton Road. After troopers located the car—a red Chevrolet Corvette—one of them parked his own cruiser directly in its path to prevent it from crashing into anyone else. The Corvette collided with the cruiser near the Portage Road exit.

The OSHP posted a video of the incident on its Facebook page Friday.

The wrong-way driver, 62-year-old Albertus George Ridgeway of North Canton, was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. Both vehicles suffered significant damage.

Ridgeway now faces charges of OVI, Reckless Opetation, Divided Roadways, and failiure to wear a seatbelt. He is expected to be arraigned Wednesday in Massillon Municipal Court.

In a release, the OSHP said the trooper's actions "prevent[ed] serious injury."