SANDUSKY -- Cedar Point has another surprise up its sleeve.

In addition to new rides, restaurants and various renovations, Cedar Point will add 52 new "deluxe cabins" to its Lighthouse Point resort.

The cabins, each two floors (see renderings in the gallery above), can accommodate up to 10 people. The cabins will feature two full bathrooms, four flat-panel televisions, a dorm-size refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, outdoor charcoal grill and picnic table.

In addition, all of Lighthouse Point will offer free wireless internet access.

Lighthouse Point is located along the west bank of the Cedar Point Peninsula and consists of 64 cottages, 40 cabins and 97 RV campsites in addition to the 52 new cabins. Originally opened in 2001, Lighthouse Point nearly doubled in size in 2004. The centerpiece of the area is the historic Cedar Point Lighthouse (circa 1862), which is the oldest existing structure on the Cedar Point Peninsula.

Reservations for the new cabins can be made immediately and room nights will be available beginning May 23.

Sleeping arrangements include:

  • Queen bed in the main bedroom
  • Two futon sofas in the living room
  • Two queen beds in overhead loft

Guests who stay at any Cedar Point Resorts property get extra perks, like $39 one-day admission tickets (a savings of more than $20 off the gate price) and early entry – a chance to experience some of the rides and coasters one hour before the park opens to the general public.

Last August, park officials announced two attractions for the 2014 season along the Gemini Midway -- Pipe Scream and Lake Erie Eagles -- in addition to changes at Camp Snoopy and renovations at Hotel Breakers. Last month, it was confirmed that a SlingShot ride would be added near the Gemini's ride station.

VIDEO | Pipe Scream ride animation:

VIDEO | Lake Erie Eagles ride animation:

CONFIRMED: SlingShot ride, new food options coming to Cedar Point

Cedar Point opens for the 2014 season on Saturday, May 10.

Meanwhile, Kings Island, a sister theme park near Cincinnati, is putting the finishing touches on its new attraction for 2014: Banshee -- the world's longest inverted roller coaster. Kings Island opens on Friday, April 18.

VIDEO | Banshee coaster ride animation: