The challenges continue between Cleveland and Chicago as the World Series is 3-3 with the Indians and Cubs headed into a final Game 7 tonight.

The Cleveland Museum of Art is taking on the The Art Institute of Chicago

Wednesday morning, the Cleveland Museum of Art posted George Washington headed to a "Party at Napoli's."

On Sunday morning, CMA posted "Who's ready for a Cleveland Indians win in #WorldSeries #Game5? Lawrence's Portrait of Catherine Grey sure is! You're on, The Art Institute of Chicago #GoTribe

Who's ready for a  Cleveland Indians  win?

CMA didn't have to wait long for a response

Let's Go Cubs!

#CubsDontQuit and we're not about to give up now. Chicago is ready for the comeback in #WorldSeries #Game5. Let's go, Cubs! Start the bus, The Cleveland Museum of Art. The Cubs are coming.

The challenges began last week with both sides posting on their Facebook pages.

Cleveland led off with a line drive from the museum's Facebook page: "The Cleveland Indians are off to Chicago for #WorldSeries #Game3! Portrait of a Man is ready to #RallyTogether! #Windians Batter up, The Art Institute of Chicago! — with Anthony Giaccone."

Cleveland had this to say as well on its Facebook page: "CLE favorite Nathaniel Olds is ready to #RallyTogether for the Cleveland Indians in #WorldSeries Game 2! Play on, The Art Institute of Chicago! #GoTribe — with Heidi Quicksilver."

The Art Institute of Chicago's Facebook page responded: "The Chicago Cubs come home for #Game3 of the #WorldSeries and #CubsFever is sweeping the city. #GoCubsGo! Let’s play ball, The Cleveland Museum of Art