CLEVELAND -- As the city of Cleveland steps up its snow removal efforts to avoid gridlock ahead of the evening commute, the city also proposed a staggered dismissal plan for public employees Wednesday afternoon that it has since retracted.

Under the original plan, federal employees were to be released at 1:30 p.m., followed by state employees at 3:00 p.m. and city and county employees at their regularly scheduled time.

The city now says that the plan was only a proposed strategy and should not be regarded as the operating procedure today.

City officials encourage the private sector to use their best judgment for dismissal of their employees.

A total of 51 city plows and nine graders are working the main streets of the city.

As the city works to avoid gridlock during the evening commute, road crews are assisting ODOT crews with salting and clearing highway ramps. The city is also prioritizing plowing on key routes such as East Ninth Street, Ontario Street, Carnegie Avenue, Chester Road, Superior Avenue and West 25th Street.

City officials say they are using tandem plowing to help clear pathways faster and more efficiently.


  • A snow emergency parking ban is in effect city-wide. Cars parked on a snow emergency street should be removed immediately so plows can clear the roadway.
  • Do not block intersections. Ensure you can move all the way through an intersection before the signal changes. Disregarding this has caused massive downtown gridlock in years past.