CLEVELAND -- Ricardo Ramos was told to appear at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement office at the Celebrezze Federal Building by 3 p.m. Friday.

He thought his family would be split up and he would be taken into custody for a Tuesday flight back to Mexico.

But his lawyer arrived at a rally at the Free Stamp with good news. ICE called with a last minute decision to review Ramos' request, allowing him to stay in this county awhile longer.

David Leopold said..." We've never been this close to immigration reform. ..What we're asking is a chance for him to stay one year while Congress acts."

Proposals now being considered would grant Ramos and other like him permission to stay.

Leopold says ICE has discretion to allow Ramos to stay..

Ramos came to this country illegally and has been an undocumented worker for 16 years.

Authorities discovered that when he was stopped and found to be driving without a license.

He and his wife have three children, all born here and U.S. Citizens.

Ramos's reaction to the reprieve-" I say happy only."

He thanked all his supporters. Their marches and protests have kept the story in the local and national media and no doubt brought additional pressure working on his behalf.

Thursday was his 12-year-old daughter Michelle's birthday. She called this decision a great present.