CLEVELAND -- Seven people were taken to MetroHealth Medical Center after a Cleveland school bus crashed at State Road and Roanoke Avenue early Thursday morning.

Authorities say there were three people on the bus at the time of the crash -- two students and the driver.

The bus was reportedly just starting its route when an Acura, which had four people inside, slid in front of it.

There were four James Ford Rhodes High School seniors in the Acura that was struck.

All four ended up being taken to Metro.

The bus driver and the two students who were on the bus at the time were also taken to Metro.

The car's driver told police that he was trying to gain traction and pulled out and the bus was there, according to the police report.

The bus driver said she was coming down the hill on State Road doing about 25 mph as she was approaching Roanoke. That's when she saw the car.

She told police she tried to slow down, but the bus started to fish tail. The bus driver said that she let off the brakes to straighten out the bus and that was when she made impact with the car.

The bus went left of center from the impact, up on the curb, struck a tree and grazed a light pole before striking a snowbank.

The two children on the bus were not injured.

Police determined that the driver of the car was at fault.

The bus driver, the two students on the bus and three of the four occupants of the bus were treated and released from Metro.

One occupant of the car was admitted for observation for a possible punctured lung.