CLEVELAND -- Puerto Rico is getting a boost from right here in Northeast Ohio.

Weeks after the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Maria, more than 500,000 pounds of goods will soon arrive on the island. We've been telling you about efforts to move the supplies stuck at the I-X Center, and we at WKYC Channel 3 have been working with organizers to help make it happen.

It was a day to celebrate for a group of local organizers as trucks arrived to finally ship the goods collected to help the victims of Maria.

Margie Colon helped spearhead the relief effort after visiting the area. With help from volunteers in the Latino community, pallets of food, diapers, water, and other goods were collected. But they just sat at the I-X Center with no way to get to Puerto Rico, until Feeding America stepped in.

One by one on Monday, the pallets were loaded on to multiple semi-trucks to be taken down to Florida before making its way by boat to Puerto Rico. And because each pallet is marked as coming from Cleveland, Margie and other volunteers will be able to assist in distribution through partner churches.

"I didn't think it would get this big. Not at all," Colon told WKYC Channel 3's Brandon Simmons. "This mission right here is complete."

WATCH: WKYC Channel 3 was there for the official send-off of the goods from the I-X Center as we had the ceremony on Facebook Live