CLEVELAND -- A dog was shot by an off-duty Cuyahoga County Sheriffs' officer after the animal attacked two people Tuesday evening.

The family's dog, a pitbull, attacked its owner -- a 32-year-old woman and a 6-year-old child -- at 3965 West 22nd Street.

According to a police report, officers arrived and found a woman covering her child with her own body and some towels to protect the 6-year-old girl from the dog. The dog had several gunshot wounds and appeared unable to move, though it was still breathing.

Officers found another woman tending to wounds in the front yard.

Both victims were transported to the hospital.

A witness told police that someone dropped an object the floor, causing the dog to attack the 6-year-old girl. The dog grabbed the girl by the face and arms, dragging her around the living room.

The witness said he attempted to break the dog loose and struck it with a chair. When the girl's mother and another woman entered the home, the dog attacked them as well.

Once outside the home, the dog continued to attack the three victims. The witness said he shot the dog four times before removing the gun's magazine.

Authorities say the 6-year-old remains in critical condition. According to the police report, her wounds required surgery.

The dog was removed from the home by a local kennel.