CLEVELAND -- Officials have given the "all clear" after Cleveland Police closed the entrance to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport due to an unattended bag found on the sidewalk about  2 p.m. Tuesday.

Police found the bag on the upper roadway at the north end of the ticketing area. Officials held a press conference at 5 p.m. to detail the incident.

At the press conference, Airport Director Robert Kennedy said the person whose bag was left on the sidewalk and triggered the situation at the airport today has been questioned by investigators and nothing of a threatening nature was found inside the bag.

He added that the passenger was sent on his way and that the Cleveland Police Department and federal authorities will make any recommendation as to whether or not he will be charged.


An airport spokesperson said a Cleveland Police K-9 checked the bag just after 2:30 p.m. and the Explosive Detection Squad was called to the scene. The K-9 inspected the bag twice and "alerted" on it the second time, Kennedy said.

The spokesperson added that the airlines were aware of the situation and realized some passengers may have been kept from getting to their flights. As a result, some of the airlines adjusted their schedules accordingly.

RTA buses and trains were temporarily shut down from entering the airport.