The Port of Cleveland announced plans to transform the vacant Randall Park Mall into an fulfillment center.

The redeveloped site will bring at least 1,200 new jobs to the area.

“I’m excited that they’re finally going to do something with it and something that will help the community around here and give a lot of people hope,” said Deborah Johnson.

The Randall Park Mall site has been vacant since 2009.

Johnson is from Bedford and worked a summer at J. C. Penney in Randall Park Mall.

“It was the place to be for all the teens,” she said.

The Port of Cleveland said in a news release Thursday that it will issue up to $123 million in taxable lease revenue bonds as part of a larger financing package in order to redevelop the site. has 80 fulfillment centers worldwide. The Port of Cleveland did not say when construction will begin.