This week's edition of Between the Lines is scheduled to air at 7 p.m. Saturday Nov. 5.

Donald Trump has a lead in Ohio polls.

Hillary Clinton's visiting Northeast Ohio 3 times in one week, hoping to turn out the vote, especially the African American vote, to get the big Cuyahoga County margin she needs to have a chance of winning the state.

Can she catch up? Who will carry the state, which has picked the Presidential winner every time since 1964?

Will rabid Trump supporters try to monitor the polls?

Governor John Kasich cast a write-in vote for John McCain. He also did several TV ads for Republican lawmakers and candidates. How will his election role affect his future political status?

Senator Rob Portman appears on the way to a big double -digit win over Ted Strickland. Can Strickland get the margin down to single digits? Will Democrats regret not picking a different candidate?

Cleveland voters face two key issues. A property tax renewal is needed to keep funding the schools transformation plan. And voters will decide if Cleveland should raise its income tax from 2 to 2 and a half percent. Half the $80-million plus would fill a looming budget hole.

The rest would pay for anti-violence programs. hiring and training of police, hiring paramedics and firefighters, building inspectors and personnel to combat dangerous lead paint in old homes. Other services, including garbage pick-up and filling potholes, would be upgraded.

Defeating the hike would mean hundreds of layoffs and service cuts across the board.,

What is the outlook for both issues? How will either one's failure jeopardize the city's progress and momentum?

There may be a statewide ballot issue next fall to stop the gerrymandering of Congressional districts that create safe seats for incumbents.

What are the prospects of it passing?

WKYC's Tom Beres discusses these issues with Channel 3 Political Analysts Dennis Eckart and Mary Anne Sharkey on this edition of Between the Lines.