CLEVELAND -- Among the thousands who came out for the Bruno Mars concert Saturday night at the Q, was a little girl Bruno says will always have a special place in his heart.

Zumyah Thorpe, 11, suffered a severe brain injury after a drunk driver slammed into her mother's car last year.

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Her pregnant mother and two younger sisters passed away in the horrific accident and Zumyah was not expected to survive.

But survive she did and doctors credit Bruno Mars' music with helping to save her life.

"No one can really understand what we've gone through when you see a child that's in a coma and unable to walk, talk," recalled Zumyah's grandmother Ronda. "When she actually wakes up and is able to speak the first thing she does is sing the one Bruno song which is 'I'm Amazing'(Just The Way You Are)."

Nurses at UH Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital played Bruno every night throughout Zumyah's recovery.

So moved by her story Bruno arranged for a private meeting with Zumyah and her grandparents before his Cleveland concert.

Our cameras were not allowed inside but Zumyah's grandmother says he performed four songs during a private concert Saturday afternoon and even dedicated a new song called 'Zumyah's Day' to the young girl.

"He gave me this (holding a teddy bear)….a bag with a lot of stuff," said Zumyah afterwards, smiling from ear to ear.

"What else did he give you?" nudged her grandmother.

"A kiss...he gave me a kiss....right here," exclaimed Zumyah pointing to her cheek.

"He says I've done the big shows, the Super Bowl…but there has not been one story that has touched his heart as this story has," continued Zumyah's grandmother. "He said it was very emotional for him and that he's just so thankful that we allowed him into our lives as well."

During the actual concert Saturday night, Bruno jumped off the stage and into the crowd where he embraced Zumyah and sang her favorite song 'Just The Way You Are.'

Fans say he also handed Zumyah his guitar and hat...and there were very few dry eyes in the arena after his special dedication to an amazing young lady.