With a wrap on the movie 'White Boy Rick,' Cleveland has taken another step toward cementing it's place as a destination for filmmakers.

It seems Matthew McConaughey was spotted just about everywhere during the months of filming in Northeast Ohio.

Before they left town, WKYC Channel 3's Sara Shookman got to talk to the film’s other Matthew, as in Krul, its executive producer, who says he’s already working to bring his next movie to the CLE.

Krul, who grew up near Dayton, says he wants to do whatever he can to help show that arts and films could be the new frontier for Ohio jobs.

"We want to raise the flag in Los Angeles and New York, and say, ‘Listen, Ohio is a place that you should start thinking about, and putting on your map to film,'" Krul explains.

'White Boy Rick' takes place in 1980s Detroit, the real life story of Rick Wershe. In the 55 days the film was shooting in our area, its star, Academy Award winner Matthew McConaughey was seemingly always out on the town.

"When he does take those pictures, when he does walk around, he really enjoys it," says Krul. "It’s not him putting that on. He really enjoys embracing the community and being a part of it, which is really nice to see."