After Cleveland mayor Frank Jackson announced a plan to introduce new rules aimed at addressing unlawful dirt bike riding, city councilman Jeff Johnson shared his thoughts about the plan in a series of tweets Tuesday.

"Watching Mayor Jackson speak @ his news conference on dirt bikes," read the first message. "He is not leading on this. Very weak response. #noDirtBikesonCLEstreets."

Jackson's new plan calls for banning all-terrain vehicles and illegal dirt bikes on city streets, along with prohibiting street stunts, according to a release from the city.

Johnson, who is running for mayor, said Jackson has "lost his way."

He also said the mayor called fellow city councilman Zach Reed a "pimp," adding that he feels Jackson "disrespects" those who don't agree with his views on dirt bikes.

Reed called for a public hearing on the issue earlier this month.

The new legislation will be introduced before the council's summer recess, according to the city's release.