Ten of the 13 members of the Cleveland Community Police Commission have asked member Cleveland Police Det. Steve Loomis to resign from the commission or "...be removed from the Commission by Consent Decree authorities," according to a news release.

As of this afternoon, the CPC has not said that Loomis has responded to the letters. WKYC has reached out to Loomis for a response.

They sent Loomis, president of the Cleveland Police Patrolmen's Association, a letter on Nov. 2, citing "...consistent meeting absences as a notable lack of fulfilling Commissioner responsibilities as the reasoning for the request....We believe it is in the best interest of the CPC and the CPPA to have a union representative actively present at Commission meetings, respectfully voicing CPPA interests and concerns," that letter continued.

Today (Nov. 18) the CPC released another letter, asking Loomis to resign and notify the CPC within a week of receipt of the letter.

"...It has become clear to all of us, based on your absence from CPC meetings and work groups over many months (including missing 10 full Commission meetings, and all PPA and Budget, IT and Infrastructure meetings since January 27, 2016), that you are unable to meet the obligations necessary to actively serve
on the CPC."

"We recognize that every CPC member has other professional and personal obligations which prevent them from attending every CPC meeting. However, you are the only Commissioner who has consistently missed required meetings for many months, thereby not fulfilling Commission responsibilities."

In this letter, the CPC noted that another member of the CPC had previously resigned.

"Resigning from the CPC based on its demanding schedule is not unprecedented. As you know, former CPC Commissioner Max Rodas came to the conclusion earlier this year that he was unable to serve effectively due to the Commission's significant time demands. We believe it is in the best interest of the CPC and the CPPA to have a union representative actively present at Commission meetings, respectfully voicing CPPA interests and concerns."

Of the 13 members of the commission, only Loomis himself, LaToya Logan and criminal defense attorney Gordon Friedman did not sign the letter.

Today (Nov. 18) the CPC also sent a letter addressed to to Chief Judge Solomon Oliver Jr., Northern District of Ohio; Carol Rendon, U.S. Attorney, Northern District of Ohio; Mayor Frank G. Jackson, City of Cleveland; and Matthew Barge, Lead Monitor, Cleveland Consent Decree.

That letter outlines the mission of the CPC and why the 10 members believe Loomis should be removed.

In part, the letter reads "...While Commissioners acknowledge his right as an individual, and leader of an organization to support politically whomever he/they want, a significant concern has been raised about his support of agendas that are unambiguously in support of unconstitutional policing practices and are directly contrary to a commitment in advancing constitutional policing, community problem-oriented policing, and/or community trust and legitimacy."

"...Det. Loomis has stated on numerous occasions that he chose himself to be on the Commission and is beholden to no person or process except the police union. This is in conflict with the currently established emphasis of the Consent Decree to advance police reform. Moreover, by his own admission, he appointed himself to the CPC, thereby acknowledging that no process existed to "identify one""

"...Det. Loomis has failed to attend CPC Full Commission meetings. Nor has he participated in the work of those standing committee or work group meetings for which he signed up."

"... : A number of individuals and community organization representatives have consistently expressed concerns about Det. Loomis' absences, his hostility to the Commission from its inception, and his denigration of the police reform process."

You can read the letters below.

CPC Letter to Det. Steve Loomis by WKYC.com on Scribd

CPC Letter to U.S. District Judge Solomon Oliver, Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson and others by WKYC.com on Scribd