As the NBA Finals shift to the Q, Cleveland is ready to roll out the red carpet to both celebrities and just about anyone visiting our city. A city that's seen it's fair share of the national spotlight over the past year.

Once considered the "mistake by the lake," this city is beaming with pride, and now residents are eager to get the word out about everything the "CLE" has to offer.

Some are even calling Cleveland the new 'World Class' city.

So, let's set the stage as to why the CLE is the new world class city: Last year in 2016, we had the RNC, which had 105.5 million viewers, the NBA finals had 141 million viewers and then the World Series had 159 million.

Together, that's 405.5 Million eyes on Cleveland. And we handled it like a pro.

General Manger Kenny Didier from the Metropolitan at the 9 hotel says hosting the NBA Finals again is a piece of cake, "We've been here before, we're very excited to be a part of it again," he told WKYC Channel 3's Jasmine Monroe.

Sean O'Donnell has been the general manger at Flannery's Pub for 7 years and said the parade is what scared him last year, so another NBA Finals is nothing they can't handle.

We're kind of used to it from the World Series, to the RNC," he said. "It doesn't mean were not a little scared and on edge, but you get used to it after a while."