CLEVELAND -- Heartbreak has hit a Cleveland family who says their stolen pet pig was found dead.

“I just didn’t anticipate this outcome,” Valerie Couch said of the family’s pig, Spam.

Couch turned to Facebook last week to ask for help in finding the pig, which was snatched when somebody broke into their home.

“I had so much hope in humanity and tried to be optimistic despite the impending reality,” she wrote. “My only hope now is that his legacy continues and that the newly passed Goddard Law prevails for the awful people who did this to a poor innocent creature.”

Couch did not post any details about where the pig was found.

"We are devastated by this news and are astounded that someone is capable of doing something so horrific."

The family had started a GoFundMe hoping to raise money in their search for Spam.

Couch said they plan to return money to those who contributed or will donate the funds to a charity.

She posted a video of Spam on Facebook in his memory.