CLEVELAND -- City Council's Safety Committee will hold a special hearing about a proposal to create a city-wide gun offender registry.

It's part of Mayor Frank Jackson's plan to strengthen gun laws but it's also facing opposition. Gun rights group, Ohioans for Concealed Carry believe the policies are "a truly offensive publicity stunt."

As part of the plan, Jackson is proposing measures to require those convicted of gun crimes to register with police, limit gun owners from acquiring more than one gun each 90 days, and make it mandatory to report all gun sales or transfers.

Gun rights groups are already threatening to sue, claiming much of what Jackson is proposing is illegal and would be ineffective. Ohioans for Concealed Carry say "the proposals already exist as state law and the rest contradict state law and therefore can never be enforced."

The committee hearing is Wednesday morning and there will be a question and answer session following all presentations.