A Cleveland man is lucky to be alive following a brutal knife attack inside his apartment Wednesday night.

The suspect, who remains on the run, was his neighbor.

The men live in apartments on West 33rd Street in Cleveland, where police believe Steven Henderson, 29, attacked Dennis Thompson, 68.

Thompson tells WKYC Channel 3 News that Henderson knocked on his door around 6:30, then pushed his way in when he opened, box cutters in hand.

“And he was cutting me, stabbing me,” he said. “Threatening to kill if I didn’t hand over money, car keys and phone.”

Thompson fought back, kicking Henderson in the groin and grabbing him by the neck.

“Both of us was on the carpet. In the back room. And he [Henderson] got up, went in the living room and got my keys, my car and took off with my car,” he said.

That vehicle was a 2007 Chevy Impala.

Apartment managers say Henderson had been squatting in the building.

Thompson said he had even helped him out in the past by lending him money and giving him rides.

“I’d do anything for people. I don’t even ask for names,” he said.

Had it not been for a neighbor hearing the commotion and calling 911, Thompson believes he could have bled out. He said an artery in his face was punctured during the attack.