Tom Beres covered Northeast Ohio politics for 37 years until his retirement from WKYC last December. But don't think for a minute he's not keeping tabs on what's happening on Cleveland's political landscape.

We asked him to give us three reasons why suburbanites and those outside of Cuyahoga county should care about Cleveland's mayoral election. Tuesday's primary will narrow the field to two candidates and Beres expects incumbent Mayor Frank Jackson to be one of them.

His main reason why Northeast Ohioans should care: As Cleveland goes, so does the region.

"Cleveland is the heart of the region's economy. A struggling or strong hub city sets the economic tone for businesses here," Beres said.

Reason number 2, if you work downtown, you have a personal investment.

"Workers from the suburbs pay 87 percent of the city income tax and hold 77 percent of jobs downtown. They are paying for the improvements to public safety, infrastructure and economic development projects now underway in the city. If they want to enjoy dining, theater and sports events in a revived and safe downtown, it all begins at city hall," Beres said.

Reason number 3, Cleveland's Mayor speaks for more than just the city.

"Cleveland's mayor is the most powerful and prominent face and voice for the region. He is the biggest player in setting priorities and deciding major projects and initiatives like the push that landed the Republican convention. And voters must decide who has the vision, energy and experience to keep Cleveland's progress going," Beres said.