We've all heard the rumors about Cleveland, the self-proclaimed underdog city.

Newcomers, like Meagan Waryu, said some of the main concerns she had moving from Tucson were rumors of excessive crime and the ever-changing weather.

She's two months into her journey and said the city is nothing like she thought.

"I thought it was really clean and pretty and there are so many things to do here," Waryu said.

It's not too hard to enjoy yourself here, she said there's always something to do - and eat, so foodies rejoice!

Johnny Lis owns 'Pizza 216' in downtown Cleveland; the restaurant celebrated its one year anniversary on Thursday.

"The thing about Cleveland, I think more than a lot of cities, is the fact that they're not into chains," Lis said.

He said it's a true working class city.

The only thing burning here is passion to get things done and enjoy life while they're at it.

The pride displayed on most people's chest helps with that. You'd be hard pressed to find someone who doesn't own a Cleveland shirt.

A manager at Cleveland Clothing Co., Brianna McTaggart, said it's amazing to see the shock on newbies' faces when they come in to the store.

"Whenever people come here, they're like 'wow, it's not that bad' and we're like 'no, it's not that bad,'" McTaggart said. "We even have a shirt that says 'Cleveland, it's not that bad. Have a beer.'"