CLEVELAND -- A WKYC viewer emailed a link to a photo that appeared on the website

The photo appears to show a Cleveland Police officer holding a "beer bong."

WKYC has confirmed that the officer in the photo is a Cleveland Police officer.

Police and union officials have told WKYC that the officer "appears to have used poor judgement."

REACTION: Picture of a Cleveland police officer creates controversy

It's an unfortunate and unfortunately timed story for Cleveland Police.

They are stressing more rigorous enforcement of open container laws to tailgaters at Cleveland Browns football games.

But a picture that showed up on website sends a different message.

A Cleveland police officer appears to be helping a young tailgater drain a beer bong in the Municipal Parking Lot.

WKYC Channel 3 News has identified the officer as Cleveland Patrolman Carl Dooley.

Police spokesman Sgt. Ali Pillow said he was a "bit shocked" to see the picture.

Cleveland Police Patrolmen's Association President Jeff Follmer says, "Sometimes, officers try to fit into their work environment, meaning no harm or diminishing the esteem of the police department."

But Sgt. Pillow believes that, if the picture is what it appears to be, Officer Dooley might face issues of conduct unbecoming an officer.

Dooley is a Field Training Officer who helps guide new officers learning on the job.

When they are hired, city employees are counseled to remember that they are now in the public eye and they should not do anything that they would not want to see on a website, front page or newscast.

Thursday afternoon, police told WKYC that they were looking into whether the photo was taken during last week's preseason game against the St. Louis Rams.

WKYC has not confirmed when the photo was taken.

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