Cleveland Police are searching for a trio of men who robbed a woman and dragged her from a car while filming a rap music video.

According to police, a 58-year-old woman reported the robbery June 22. The woman told police the incident happened the day before, but she was scared to be seen talking to officers.

The woman said a rap group called Cake Boy Rich was filming a music video at the 2200 block of E. 83rd Street using the property owners trucks.

The group, which consisted of three men, asked the woman if she wanted to buy one of their CDs. When the woman said she did, the men got into a four-door car and waved her over. When the woman reached for a CD from one of the men, he grabbed her purse and pulled her arm into the car.

When the man managed to take possession of the purse, the woman's hand became caught between the door and car. One of the men yelled, "Drive!" and the car started traveling northbound on E. 83rd Street.

The woman was pulled down the street screaming.

As the woman was dragged, a homeowner who was on a front porch yelled at the men to stop because they were going to kill her. The car stopped and one of the men opened the door to free the woman's hand.

The woman told police her friend convinced her to go to a hospital the next day. While at the hospital, police pulled up a YouTube video that had been uploaded four hours prior. The location seen in the video was the same place on E. 83rd Street where the alleged assault took place.

The woman identified the men in the video as the robbers and said the lead singer was the driver of the car. Police also spoke with a witness who confirmed seeing the woman being pulled by the car.

The woman received X-rays at the hospital for a potential fractured hand. According to a police report, the woman's hand was swollen, but she had no visible injuries from being dragged.

Police have identified one of the offenders as Gerald Smith, who also goes by the name Odell. A second offender was identified as Ron Smith. The third offender has not been named, according to the police report.

Anyone with information on the three offenders is asked to call police.