Five years ago, the city of Cleveland and its Metropolitan School District unveiled Cleveland's Plan for Transforming Schools in an effort to reinvigorate the city's much-maligned school system.

Now, according to a report from the Cleveland Transformation Alliance, overall education in the area appears to be making improvements.

The alliance, made up of parents, educators, and business leaders from the private and public sectors, released its five-year assessment of the plan today, and commended the district for stabilizing enrollment, increasing graduation rates, and improving kindergarten through third grade literacy. It added that local charter schools posted higher test scores than the public ones, with gains even rivaling other systems in the state.

However, the report also expressed the need for new strategies to improve test scores, particularly at the K-8 level. The assessment outlined a few of those strategies, including encouraging stakeholders remain engaged in the process.

Overall, Transformation Alliance director Piet van Lier was impressed with the results.

“This ongoing commitment is encouraging,” Piet van Lier said in a statement. “It is unusual in the world of urban education reform, where improvement efforts often falter after only a few years.”