There were two big pieces of news out of Cleveland City Council on Monday night.

As you may know the Justice Center in downtown Cleveland houses the county jail, the city jail, county courts, city courts and the city police department.

Council has approved plans to close that jail. They'll pay the county to house all people being detained rather than run it themselves. They also have approved selling police headquarters inside. Leaders will begin looking for new office space for headquarters downtown.

A lot needs to happen to make all of that a reality, but its cleared the key hurdle of council approval.
No timetable on a next step was released on these plans.

Another big piece of news Monday has to do with the state legalizing use of medical marijuana that is grown in Ohio.

Soon, the state will green-light a couple dozen grow sites.

These will be profit making operations that the city wants to reap the benefits of. In order to do that, Cleveland needed to roll back its moratorium on growing legal, medical marijuana.

And they did that on Monday night.