CLEVELAND -- The Gay Games festivities are just days away and one local organization has been taking steps to make sure everyone is prepared.

The Diversity Center of Northeast Ohio has been conducting classes and sessions for restaurants, parks, hotels and museums -- all the different places people will be visiting while in town.

The idea is to prepare Cleveland to understand the language, etiquette and culture of the LGBTQ community.

The program advocates for gender neutral restrooms, talks about identifying micro aggressive behavior, discusses terminology and buzzwords and helps those taking the class identify.

Words handed out and discussed by the class include:

Transgender – An umbrella term for anyone whose gender identity(s) and/or expression don't fit social ideas/norms of gender.

Cisgender – A term describing anyone who is not transgender, gender non-conforming, or questioning.

Transexual – Individuals assigned one gender at birth who now identify and live as what some people would consider the "opposite" gender.

Androgynous – One whose gender identity falls outside of binary male/female: either on continuum between male and female or completely outside of binary system, sometimes changing on a regular basis.

Intersex – One born with anatomy and/or physiology that differs from the cultural and medical "ideals" of male and female.

Ally – A heterosexual and cisgender individual who either supports LGBTQ individuals or personally advocates for equal rights and fair treatment of the LGBTQ community.

Questioning – Individuals who are in the process of examining their sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

Transphobia – An irrational fear or aversion to individuals who identify as gender variant or transgender.