There is great news for Cleveland, as more people are now living downtown than ever before.

According to the Downtown Cleveland Alliance 15,000 people now call downtown “home.” The group does not even factor in sections of the city such as University Circle or Ohio City.

Michael Prendergast grew up in Brecksville. Now in his mid-20’s, he moved to the Warehouse District about a year and a half ago.

“Our backyard is The Flats; can it get any better than that?” he asked.

But a good location can come at a cost.

“A one-bedroom, if you’re getting it for $1500, you’re doing well,” he said, “We have plenty of friends that are looking for places around here and they’re still on waiting lists or it’s too expensive.”

It may also depend on where you are, as Natalie Andrews points out. She moved from Washington state a few years ago and now lives downtown.

“If you think about downtown Seattle or like where I’m from, here’s really cheap,” she said.

And steady.

Joe Marinucci with the Downtown Cleveland Alliance said occupancy has stayed at 95% or higher over the past 6 years, thanks in part to millennials, young professionals and even empty-nesters.

He said just 2,000 people were living downtown in the year 2000. By 2020, he projects there will be 20,000.

To celebrate that growth, the Alliance will be promoting a series of events next week called “Downtown Days.” It will include food tastings, a wine walk, and even a block party.

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