Whether it's a new restaurant or nightclub, it seems like we find out something new about the Flats East Bank every month.

While a sign still says the Rascal Flatts restaurant and bar is opening this winter, it is now scheduled to open this spring along with Margaritaville.

By this time next year, there will be more than 20 places to visit in the Flats East Bank.

"We have tacos," said Beerhead General Manager Scott Knieriemen. "We have pizza. We have burgers. We have Italian. Everything that somebody could possibly want. As long as we can continue that growth as an area, we will be just fine down here."

Joey George traveled to Cleveland from West Palm Beach. He says everyone kept telling him he needed to check out the newly developed Flats.

"We heard that it is happening," said George. You are going to find artists here. You are going to find restaurants."

"With more dining options," said Knieriemen. "More entertainment options. I mean it will have a different feel."

Knieriemen says you will probably see a dozen new places on the East Bank this time next year.

"You will see three times this kind of crowd," said Knieriemen. "We had more business down here than we expected. No body knew what to do with it all."

Developers say new tenants are about to fill the spaces where Cropsticks and Crop Rocks were. The restaurants closed a few months ago.