It's Election Day and all eyes are on the Cleveland mayoral race. Former Cleveland Mayor Jane Campbell sat down with WKYC's Sara Shookman to discuss her outlook for the city.

Campbell voiced her optimism for the city, but expressed concern for the polls.

"The biggest concern I have is the low voter turnout -- 12 percent in the primary," Campbell said. "I hope today there's a better voter turnout. ...People don't vote when they feel like there's not any hope and I'm very hopeful for Cleveland."

Despite disappointing voter turnout in the past, Campbell feels good about Cleveland's future. She said there's of course more work to be done, especially in developing some of Cleveland's neighborhoods, but she's optimistic, citing the volume of people willing to help and contribute.

"I look at the long game and even some of the things that go started when I was mayor," she said.

Campbell served as Cleveland's mayor for one term, prior to Frank Jackson.