A new initiative looks to spread art around Cleveland.

Graffiti Heart is a local non-profit that promotes graffiti and murals. It also raises money for art education scholarships for kids in Cleveland.

A new mural is being installed on the Stockyard Meats building in the Gordon Square Arts District, and the plan includes many more pieces like it.

"Gordon Square Arts District really decided to leverage the arts as a community revitalization strategy because we had arts anchors here in the neighborhood," says Carrie Carpenter, President and Executive Director of Gordon Square Arts District.

Local artist Eileen Dorsey adds, "That's why public art is so fantastic. You want it to be noticed and when you do notice it, it kind of takes you away from your day to day and really gives you that moment to stop and smell the roses."

The group is working with several other groups to identify local artists for its future projects.