CLEVELAND -- Her body was found under “suspicious circumstances” weeks ago.

Now, authorities are looking for help in identifying the woman.

The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner’s Office says they have “exhausted all efforts” to identify the body, which was discovered in a vacant lot at 5605 Dibble Avenue back on Oct. 17.

Her description is very vague, but listed as follows:

  • White Female.
  • Long brown hair.
  • 30s – Mid 40s.
  • Approximately 5’6”

A DNA profile has been developed, which can be used for comparison with potential matches.

“Even if you have not reported a family member as ‘missing,’ please considering contacting our office if this decedent fits the description of someone you are related to,” the medical examiner’s office says.

Family members can include parents, children, siblings and grandparents. It’s critical to understand that DNA submitted by family members for identification purposes, will only be used for identification. DNA submitted for identification will not be used in investigations other than identification.

Anybody with information is asked to call 216-721-5610.