Two of Cleveland's top candidates in the 2017 mayoral election attended very different events Saturday.

Downtown, Mayor Frank Jackson took part in the "Casket Crusade," an event held by The Word Church to raise awareness about the ongoing opioid epidemic. It was the last of a trio of such events, with gatherings taking place in Akron and East Cleveland the previous two weekends.

Meanwhile, Councilman Zack Reed was hosting his "Family Unity in the Park" event, an effort to increase family involvement to decrease violence.

While both candidates have spoken up about the heroin epidemic, Councilman Reed has sharply criticized Mayor Jackson for ongoing violence in the city.

"We're going to have to bring back the family structure," Reed said today. "You've got young kids that are here today, you've got grandmothers here, you've got great grandmothers here, that's [why] we started this thing 14 years ago."

Jackson and Reed are two of 11 candidates for mayor. The primary election is set for September 12.