Wednesday in court, emotions got the best of a family member of a murder victim charged after accused killer James Sparks Henderson, when Henderson smirked after he read his impact statement.

Some family members hoped Henderson would receive the death penalty. But in a plea deal, the judge sentenced him to five consecutive life terms in jail without the possibility of parole for the brutal murder of five people inside a house on E. 92nd Street back in 2014.

Family members tell WKYC Channel 3, "Where he's headed, he's going to wish he did take the death penalty. I'll let God handle it from there."

But Patricia Johnson, mother of murder victim Sherita Johnson, says life was a better sentence because the death penalty is the easy way out.

"I forgive him," said Patricia. "I don't want to, but I have to."

Even after four years, Henderson has yet to give a motive as to why he took the precious lives of 5 innocent people: Sherita Johnson, 41, her unborn baby, Ja'rio Taylor, 19, Lemon Bryant, 60, and Shaylona Williams, 17,