Jimmy Dimora's legal team is asking for the former Cuyahoga County Commissioner's convictions to be dropped.

Dimora was sentenced to 28 years in prison for 31 corruption charges in 2012.

In a motion released Tuesday, Dimora's legal team said that his ethics reports were excluded during the trial proceedings, adding that they were "central" evidence.

The documents also allege that the the jury was misinformed on what defines an "official act."

"Additionally, the previously-recognized error in excluding Mr. Dimora’s ethics reports compounds the prejudice caused by the erroneous jury instructions. Thus, even if the prejudice caused by the instructional error were insufficient to warrant a new trial, the cumulative prejudice caused by the two errors would require that this Court vacate Mr. Dimora’s convictions on Counts 1-9, 11-27, and 34-37," the documents stated.

Dimora's previous appeals have been denied.