Local activist Basheer Jones is camping out on the east side of Cleveland to make a statement about violence in communities like this across America.

Jones chose the intersection of East 79th and Superior, not only because many of Cleveland’s violent homicides happen on the east-side, but also because it’s a community he grew up in.

Basheer says on Monday night, he and his compatriots could hear gunshots go off as they tried to rest. It sounded like "military" style weapons, according to Jones.

One person was reportedly shot and killed only a block away, Jones said.

He and a few of his compatriots began their overnight stays on Monday and will continue through Wednesday.

During that time he said his primary goal is awareness. Bringing out members of the community and the media is a mainstay of the campaign.

Jones writes he wants to “bring awareness to the gun violence in our community.”

“For 72 hours I will be holding community meetings, rallies, press conferences, discussing solutions for a safer community,” Jones wrote on a GoFundMe page he set up to facilitate the event.

Jones asked people to bring water, drop off snacks and bring children to meet him.