The man accused of hitting and killing a Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper with his car on I-90 in September now faces additional charges.

On Monday, Cuyahoga County Prosecutors re-indicted 37-year-old Joshua Gaspar on additional charges for driving with an invalid license, which elevates each vehicular charge by one felony degree.

Gaspar was also charged with a 5-year-specification for aggravated vehicular homicide of a police officer, which carries a mandatory 5-year-term consecutive to any underlying sentence. He was released on bond last month with conditions, including being prohibited from driving. He is also subject to regular drug testing.

Trooper Kenneth Velez was struck and killed on I-90 in Lakewood while enforcing traffic outside his vehicle on September 15, 2016. Police say Gaspar hit and killed Velez while under the influence of drugs, but as 'The Investigator' Tom Meyer has reported, Gaspar's attorney says he was on prescription methadone.

Gaspar was arrested in Alabama on 2013 on charges of “attempting to commit a controlled substance crime.” The 37-year-old was paroled to Ohio, where he was raised.

According to the Cuyahoga County Clerk of Courts, Gaspar has priors for aggravated theft and drug possession.