The woman whose 4-year-old son was shot during a Monday road rage incident on the Shoreway has spoken out.

Cecilia Hill spoke with reporters at Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital on Friday afternoon. After thanking the hospital staff and police, Hill had a request for the media: "Give us our privacy and please let us heal mentally, because this is going to be hard for our babies," she pleaded.

Hill's 4-year-old was shot in the head early Monday when Leon Edwards and Jonathan Smith fired eight shots at their car.

"I was brought up in the church and my family was a high-praying family," Hill told reporters. "I lost my faith that night."

VIDEO: WKYC Channel 3 was at Hill's press conference. You can watch it below:

Police say Hill honked her horn to pass a blocking car as she drove near W. 28th Street and Division Avenue. The car, driven by Edwards, followed Hill's vehicle onto the Shoreway and pulled up next to her, where the two men began firing shots.

Hill's son was struck by a bullet and hospitalized for surgery.

Edwards and Smith have both been arrested on warrants for attempted murder.

Also on Friday, Dr. Krystal Tomei of Rainbow Babies and Children's gave an update on the boy's condition. WKYC streamed her remarks live as well.