Outside an abandoned home in the 9400 block of Fuller Avenue, the place where police found the body of a young woman this weekend, the community now has a theory.

“He stopped for a while and he’s doing it again,” resident Mark Cox said.

Citing similarities to the deaths of Ashley Leszyeski, Christine Malone, Jameela Hasan, and Jazmine Trotter, there are concerns the woman may have been the victim of a serial killer.

The deaths started in late 2012. All bodies were found within a mile of each other along East 93rd Street.

Not one of the crimes has been solved.

“Vacant lots, vacant homes, women, 93rd,” Cleveland Councilman Zack Reed said.

On Monday some residents said they would like to see security cameras set up in the neighborhood. Others said they would like to see abandoned homes torn down, allowing fewer places to hide.

Others said the community needs to work better with police, which has a station just blocks from where the women were found.

“Almost like he’s teasing them [police],” Councilman Reed said. “’Hey I’m doing this and I’m doing this right underneath your nose. And you come catch me and you come find me. And until you do, I’m going to continue this.’”

Many believe the killer knows the neighborhood and is somehow able to earn the trust of the victims.