The activities happening inside a historic Cleveland funeral home has some of its neighbors concerned.

Earlier this week, a man with the Instagram name freethinker_walt posted a video to his page expressing concerns, alleging that Eric Freeman, owner of the House of Wills, is a practicing Satanist.

SPREAD THE WORD:There's some strange things going on in our community and it has to stop now IM NOT HAVING IT!!! No negative energy zone #freethinkersince87LLC #5thward #Cleveland #ohio

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The House of Wills sits on Harvard Avenue and was the city's oldest black funeral home.

But Freeman's practices aren't a secret. In fact, Freeman and the House of Wills were featured in a Vice story in January 2014 to shed light on modern day Satanism.

Freeman explained Satanism to Vice reporter Thomas Morton, noting modern Satanism's similarities to self-help, the green movement and American individualism.

"Satanists don't believe in the Devil," Freeman told Vice. "They don't believe in Heaven, Hell, God, anything -- we believe in us. We believe in our will, altering reality that it's your life, it's your reality and you have the ability to do whatever you want."

Vice conducted a Satanic ritual inside the former funeral home, though Freeman says that he doesn't routinely hold rituals there.

Still, some locals aren't so thrilled.

But Freeman is attempting to defend himself and his property. In the Facebook post above, he's invited the public to discuss his beliefs and opened his house to them for gathering.

Photos: Inside the House of Wills