It was an explosive end to a building that stood for more than a century. In February the old Lake Shore Power Plant, owned by FirstEnergy, came down.

“And now we can do something better,” said consultant Doug McCroach.

FirstEnergy hired McCroach, the City of Baltimore’s former planning director, to design a development strategy for the 54 acres of lakefront property.

On Friday, he presented his study to the City Planning Commission and included everything from parks and housing, to creative space and even a food distribution center.

“I think our idea was to not be constrained by saying ‘we have one vision,’” McCroach said, “But rather, give the planning department a basis for policy that embeds the mayor’s initiatives with the community’s desires and FirstEnergy’s need to find a positive outcome.”

Yet the redevelopment could take years, since officials say there is currently no timeframe.

“We have a really unique opportunity to look at how we can advance development along our waterfront,” said Freddy Collier, Cleveland’s City Planning Director. “A lot of what we are doing is course-correcting from a lot of past thinking.”

But first, the land must be cleared. A spokesperson for FirstEnergy said Friday their goal is by Fall.