A Honda Civic that was stolen from a 71-year-old nun who works at the Ursuline Academy of Cleveland has been found a few blocks from her home.

The car, along with roughly $1,000 worth of property, was taken at gunpoint Thursday afternoon. It has since been towed away by officials and it is unclear if the items were still inside.

According to a police report, the member of the Ursuline Sisters of Cleveland had just returned from the store to her home on Mandalay Avenue when a young man came into her driveway and asked her what time it was. After she told him, he apparently pointed a gun at her and said, "I'm taking your car."

The nun told police she gave the man her keys (which also included the key to her house) and asked if she could get her "church stuff" from the car. The man apparently responded "I ain't no church," got in the car, and drove away. She was not physically harmed in the incident, which occurred just after 4:30 p.m.

The suspect's whereabouts are still unknown. He is described as an approximately 18-year-old male with dark clothing, a baseball cap, and a black mask covering the lower half of his face. He was also carrying a silver handgun.

On Friday afternoon, Sister Susan Durkin, President of the Ursuline Sisters of Cleveland, issued the following statement:

"The Ursuline Sisters of Cleveland are very grateful for the safety of our sister. We are grateful too for the prompt assistance of the Cleveland Police Department 5th District with special thanks to commander Sammy Morris for his attention and concern for our sister. Our friends in the Collinwood neighborhood have been very supportive. Sadly, many nameless citizens are victims of violence daily – and we will continue to work and pray for an end to poverty and violence in our beloved city of Cleveland – where we have served since 1850."