CLEVELAND – Officials say the human remains found from the plane that went missing over Lake Erie last month were male.

Crews have been working since Dec. 30 to locate wreckage from the plane. More than 170 pieces of debris have been recovered.

Seats belonging to the plane have been found over the last week. Human remains found on one of the seats last Friday were determined via DNA to be male, the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner's Office confirmed Tuesday.

Crews did not enter the water Tuesday due to weather and water conditions. City officials say they hope to resume their search on the water Wednesday morning.

On Monday, crews recovered several additional pieces belonging to to aircraft, including a portion of the fuselage about 20 feet in length, parts of the engine, several seats, clothing and personal belongings, a wheel and portions of the canopy and windows attached to the front part of the plane. The recovered debris is being housed in a secure portion of Burke Lakefront Airport.

Last Friday, the plane's cockpit voice recorder was found and sent to Washington, where it will be analyzed by NTSB. City officials say it may take more than a year to complete that investigation.

The Cessna 525 Citation dropped off radar two miles north of the Lake Erie shore just moments after leaving Burke Lakefront Airport on Dec. 29.

Foot patrols and a Cleveland Police helicopter will continue to search the shoreline as weather allows.

View a timeline of the search for the plane below: