The Cleveland Plain Dealer is facing criticism after prominently featuring an advertisement for a gun sale on the front page of today's newspaper.

The ad for Fin Feather Fur Outfitters in Middleburg Heights promotes "Ruger Days," and displays three Ruger firearms.

Many felt the ad was poorly timed and insensitive, especially just days after the deadly mass shooting in Las Vegas. Others, however, saw nothing wrong with it.

Plain Dealer editor George Rodrigue (himself a gun control advocate) offered a letter to readers earlier today, saying in part:

We are advocates of free speech, and we are aware that we need to treat every member of our community fairly and equally. Therefore, we frequently publish news stories, columns, and advertisements that one could view as being opposed to our policies or our personal points of view. To prevent our personal feelings from inappropriately affecting our judgment, we try to set fair policies, and to live within their boundaries.

For advertisers, our policy is to allow legitimate advertisements for goods that can be sold legally. Firearms are legal for sale in Ohio, and the advertiser who purchased it is a legitimate local dealer.