A proposed dirt bike bike track complex will not be built at Marion Motley Park at East 73rd and Carson Avenue on Cleveland's east side.

Councilman Zack Reed confirmed the news to WKYC Channel 3 on Thursday. There are no plans to build a track at another location at this time.

Back in January, Cleveland City Council gave a green light to building the $2 million dollar complex at Marion Motley Park.

Reed was staunchly against the measure during that heated council meeting, exclaiming "20 people shot in less than a month and we buy dirt bike tracks! Dirt bike tracks! Dirt bike tracks!"

In May, he told WKYC Channel 3's Carly Flynn Morgan that multiple residents have voiced concerns about safety.

Cleveland Police at the time had a "no chase" policy when it comes to speeding dirt bikes and ATVs. Reed says that policy has exacerbated the problem with riders now thinking they can get away with speeding and carrying guns and drugs.

"These terrorists are rolling through our wards and our communities and neighborhoods and this administration looks the other way," said Reed.