CLEVELAND -- It’s open!

Before sunrise Monday, RTA buses began rolling through Superior Avenue once again in Public Square.

It was the first time in months that public transit was available in the area.

RTA initially owed $12 million it had received with the intent to open bus routes through Public Square. The Federal Transit Authority claimed that closing Public Square bus routes breached that contract, ordering RTA to return the money.

A recent traffic study on Public Square found the closure of Superior Avenue adds an extra $805,300 in operating costs to RTA, but improving 16 certain intersections recommended by the city could reduce costs by $223,000.

On Sunday, the group Clevelanders for Public Transit praised the reopening of Public Square to transit.

"Reopening Superior through Public Square increases safety in a pedestrian-heavy area,” the group declared in a statement. “Eliminating nearly a million additional turns will reduce the likelihood of another incident such as the fatal collision between a pedestrian and left-turning bus in December of last year."