Cleveland Police have taken another step to answer the call to stop a rash of break-ins on the city's near west side.

A special detail has been set up.

So far 2 have been caught and more arrests are on the way. Police say it's the same M.O.

The thieves smash out windows with a brick, get in and usually grab point of sale Ipads and cash registers.

They're quick and they're bold.

At least 5 Ohio City and near west side businesses have been busted into.

Cleveland Bagel on Detroit, Herb and Twine sandwich shop on Lorain, Go Media right next door, Jack Flaps just down the street and Lady Luck hair salon on Lorain must have seemed like an easy target at well.

The latest target is Astoria Café and Market on Detroit.

But Cleveland police have already made 2 arrests and confiscated stolen property.

"All I would say is don’t be an idiot. Everybody has cameras," says Geoff Hardman, co-owner of Cleveland Bagel, who says his surveillance video helped police make an arrest.

Hardman and his Cleveland Bagel business partner Dan Herbst have been rooted in Ohio City for 13 years before it was the nationally recognized hip happenin’ place it is today.

They started working, living, growing a business where signs of growth are everywhere now.

"We have seen it when 25th had no bars whatsoever maybe one or two," says Hardman.

So for the people breaking in and looking to tear it down, consider this, police say more arrests are on the way.

Like the persistent thief who spent a long time coming back again and again boldly breaking into Astoria Cafe and Market. It’s all caught on camera.

“We have some nice pictures of him," says Astoria’s Steve Daniels.

The Clear camera doesn't lie

Daniels is confident police will have this guy next who’s on his surveillance video both inside and out.

"He smiled pretty and it's a nice picture. We’re going to get him,” says Daniels.

In the meantime, Daniels has a one word question for the thieves.

"Why? Why? We are here because we love Cleveland, we love the Detroit Shoreway and Gordon Square. We believe in the neighborhood. A lot of our employees all live up and down Detroit Ave. We are proud to be here," says Daniels.

Police vowing to protect them. They have now set up a special detail created just to continue closing in on the near west side thieves.

"There was very little to go on. The police were very diligent about it. I think that is a good message for the other community members that the police in a lot of situations have our backs," says Hardman.