U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio says he's pushing President Trump to meet his promises of infrastructure investment.

Today, Senator Brown highlighted a proposal by the Port of Cleveland to give the "Irishtown Bend" an overhaul.

The area along the Cuyahoga River, closest to West 25th Street, is too unstable currently to be developed. As WKYC Channel 3's Andrew Horansky reported last month, developers have found that the land behaves kind of like a fault line. It appears to shift at the top while eroding into the river at the bottom. Though unlikely, those conditions could contribute to a landslide.

Millions of dollars have been secured to clean up the hill, but officials want to first be sure it is safe.

The $48-million-dollar project would improve the ports for trade and could add homes and businesses along the Cuyahoga River.